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Tingling Right Hand, This Is the Cause

Tingling right hand will certainly make you uncomfortable, because most people are more dominant using the right hand to do activities, such as writing, painting, and typing a computer keyboard. There are various causes of right hand tingling. Know what the causes are, so they can be avoided. Tingling is a condition in which a member of the body experiences a sensation of heat, tingling, or numbness that is accompanied by a sense of being pricked by needles. In medical terms, tingling is called paresthesia. This condition occurs when the nerves in certain parts of the body are depressed for a long time, so that the flow of electricity in the nerve is blocked. Tingling can occur in any part of the body, especially the legs, arms, or hands. Apart from nerve pressure, tingling in the right hand or other body parts can also be caused by an illness. Causes of Tingling in the Right Hand Tingling in the hands can be temporary (acute) or last long (chronic). Examples of temporary tingli
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Recognize the Signs and Symptoms of Williams Syndrome

Williams Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that causes growth and development disorders. This condition is very rare and only occurs in 1 in 10 thousand people. Usually genetic disorders have been known since the baby is born, because there are some "typical" signs that are owned by the sufferer. Williams syndrome is caused by genetic disorders. However, Williams syndrome can affect anyone, including people who have no history of the disease in their families. Signs of a Child Suffering from Williams Syndrome Williams Syndrome is characterized by several distinctive signs and conditions, namely: 1. A unique and distinctive face Children who have Williams syndrome have a unique and distinctive face, which is a wide forehead, a shorter nose with a wider tip, cheeks that look filled, a wide mouth, and thick lips. When mature, sufferers of Williams syndrome tend to have a longer and thinner face. 2. The condition of teeth that are not normal Children suffering from Wi

Injury due to roller skates and how to prevent it

Not only can roller skate burn calories, it can also be a fun sport. But behind the excitement that is felt, exercise roller skates that are not done carefully can risk causing injury. Injuries when using roller skates are common, including professional skates. The reason is because they spur roller skates at high speed in a race. Various Injuries Due To Roller Skates The risk of injury that arises from playing roller skates is very diverse, ranging from knee injuries, wrists, or elbow injuries. To understand the risk of injury further, you can listen to the full explanation below: Knee injury When playing roller skates, often the knees land first when falling. This then increases the risk of knee injury. Because blood vessels and nerves can be damaged or pinched when falling. Injuries that can occur include sprains, ligaments (connective tissue between bones or cartilage or joints) that are torn, broken kneecaps and joint dislocations. Wrist injury Not only around the